Developing a strategy for detection and management

Overweight Containers at Port Botany

Sydney Ports, in conjunction with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), is continuing work on the development of a strategy for detection and management of overweight containers at Port Botany. In January, two further meetings took place with industry stakeholders on this issue. One full stakeholder meeting updated industry on the progress of Weigh In Motion (WIM) scales,...

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Using the right freight methods

Get Cost Effective Shipping with Ocean Freights

Shipping can be very expensive, especially if you have things that need to go overseas. For businesses, this can take a lot of your profits. However, using an ocean freight shipping method instead of air shipping can help you to save a lot of money. Shipping by air is more expensive since the shipping is certainly faster. However, if you aren't worried about how long your...

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Introducing paperless air freight transport

IATA efreight Maximises Data Quality

The e-freight initiative of IATA (International Air Transport Association) aims to introduce paperless air freight transport on all relevant routes by 2015. A major challenge is the electronic transmission of accompanying data and documents between all institutions and service providers involved in the transport chain. "Scope", the transport management system from Riege...

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